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This project is designed to be integrated within Platform builder.
Although it is possible to built it with EVC++ or Visual Studio, we do not provide workspaces for this.
  • Compilation
  • Get the source code from CodePlex
  • Copy the SSH folder in the BSP directory
  • Change the folowwing settings top match your platform :
    • Change the path in SSH\ssh.cmn accordingly. Example : SSHPROJECTROOT_DIR = c:\wince500\platform\myBSP\SSH
    • Change the path of the configuration files in SSH/SSHD/includes/pathnames.h to match the default directory for your platform. Example : #define SSHDIR /Hard Disk/SSH (That's the directory (on the device) where the server will look for its config files.) This path can be overriden in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMM\SSHD "SSHROOTDIR"="\MY\New\PATH").
  • Add the CryptoAPI component in PB workspace
  • Compile it (it takes some time to compile SSL library)
  • Use
  • you need to create the directory where SSH is going to find its configuration and some other files (/Hard Disk/SSH in our previous example)
  • you need to create configuration files for your server. They're the same as the OpenSSH config files except for a few unsupported keywords. sshd_config
  • you need to create a DSA key for your server. ssh_host_dsa_key
  • Launch the server (execute sshd program)

Note : when running in debug, you may encounter a debugchk in the _open function. It's here only to alert the developper on the fact that he/she must be careful when using the return value of this function.

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igord Dec 8, 2006 at 10:34 PM 
You also need to be able run cmd.exe (SYSGEN_CONSOLE=1) on your device in order for SSH to work.